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We are teaching the new Mandatory
Entry Level Training for Class 1A
Mandatory Entry Level Training
The new program is a key factor in improving the safety of new drivers as well as other road users. With the professional driver Class 1A licence you will feel confident on your job right from the start. Employers have a much higher incentive to hire a new driver right out of training.

This is how the training is divided up:
Since March 15, 2019, we are teaching our Class 1A driver training in accordance with the new SGI regulations.
  • 47 Hours Class Room Instructions

  • 17.5 Hours In-Yard Instructions

  • 50 Hours In-Cab Training : 
        - 39 Hrs. On-Road
        - 18 Hrs. Off-Road Manoeuvers

  • A Total of 121.5 Hours of Training

The course is divided up into 11 Modules:

Mod 1- Employemnt in the trucking industry
Mod 2 - Vehicle componenets and systems
Mod 3 - Basic driving techniques
Mod 4 - Professional driving habits
Mod 5 - Tractor-trailer off-road tasks and manoeuvres
Mod 6 - Documents, paperwork and regulatory requirements
Mod 7 - Vehicle inspection activities
Mod 8 - Hours of service compliance
Mod 9 - Cargo securement and loss prevention
Mod 10 - Handling emergencies
Mod 11 - Air Brake operation
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