Discipleship Program FAQs (not applicable for commercial students)

How can I apply for the program?
Send us an e-mail stating your interest and we will get in touch with you. 
We have a questionaire to fill out that will help us understand your suitability
for the program. Do not delay contacting us as there may be a waiting list.

Who can apply for the program?
We offer primarily a Christian discipleship program, geared towards the 
needs of men and women who have recently accepted Christ and are in 
need of getting their lives back on track. The Class 1 training is the vehicle that will allow them to find their place in society and restore their dignity and independence. Students are most often referred to us by Christian Ministries with outreach programs to people from difficult backgrounds. We reserve the right to reject applications of candidates that are not suitable for our specific program.

What are the costs involved?
The costs are below the average commercial driving school costs and also include full accommodations and meals for four weeks. We have some sponsors and payment options in place that will allow anyone to go through our program, regardless of his/her financial situation. Arrangements will be made with successful applicants before training starts.

Do you guarantee a job upon passing the course ?
We have good contacts with several Christian Trucking Companies across Western Canada that have indicated a willingness to hire our students. These contacts will be made available to the student so that they can apply for a job. We will support them in this effort until they find employment.

Do I have to be a church member?
You don't have to be a church member when you enter the program, but we do strongly encourage every student to become involved in a Bible believing church of his/her choice, and to be commited and active in the body of Christ.

Are you affiliated with a specific church or ministry?
The Lord has called us to start this program as a new ministry. Though we operate independently, we do not see ourselves as independent from the church body and hold ourselves accountable to our pastors and elders.