Discipleship Program
Third Day Training Centre is a professional Class 1 Driving School, with residency, for new Christians from various backgrounds such as addictions or prison. At the Centre they receive Bible study and discipleship to build a foundation that will last, as well as an intense Class 1A driving skills training 
that will open up doors to employment and independence. 
This is our main program and separate from the regular commercial driver training, which is offered to interested people as a way of financing the ministry of Third Day Training Centre

To provide a professional Class 1 Driver education in a safe environment to people in need of a fresh start in life, while addressing their emotional and spiritual needs through Christian compassion and discipleship training.

To train men and women in the highest standards of Christian living, driving skills  and work ethics, that they will become a valuable asset to any trucking company, and living testimonies to the power and grace of our Lord  Jesus Christ.
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